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Abstract #3321

Robust Assessment of the Renal Physiological Response Using Breath-Hold Whole Kidney T2 Measurement

Martin D, Ni C, Mao H, Hu X, Salman K, Burrow B
Emory University School of Medicine

Using widely available GRASE method intra-renal functional response to the intravenous infusion of amino acids can be assessed via multi-slice and multi-echo T2 measurement. Nine healthy volunteers participated in the study. T2 measurement was carried out at 1.5T with 8 TEs and 10 axial slices. A 20% amino acid solution was infused. Increased T2 was observed in the renal cortex (9.6%), but not the medulla, after infusion of amino acids, consistent with acute response to the metabolic challenge. The time dependent T2 change can be observed during the infusion, demonstrating the robust detection of renal functional response using this method.