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Abstract #3411

Maturation of the Corpus Callosum from Birth to Adulthood: Evaluation with Fractional Anisotropy and Diffusion Tensor Tractography

Ohgi K, Furukawa T, Matsubara T, Takemoto S, Seura H, Gotoh K, Yamashita A
Japanese Red Cross Med CTR

This study illustrates white matter maturation of corpus callosum (CC) from birth (infancy) to adulthood by using fractional anisotropy (FA) and diffusion tensor tractography (DTT). FA provides useful scalar information in the white matter maturation of CC. DTT can illustrate additional information of developing individual axonal tracts of CC when compared in the same seeding ROI settings and in the same threshold FA values. But special attention should be required for the threshold FA values that can greatly affect delineation of the fibers on DTT.