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Abstract #3417

ROC analysis based visualization of pathological brain regions in patients with epilepsy using multi-modal MR Imaging (DWI, T2 and CSI)

Jansen J, Aldenkamp A, Majoie H, Reijs R, de Krom M, Hofman P, Kooi M, Nicolay K, Backes W
University Hospital Maastricht , Eindhoven University of Technology

The analysis and comparison of data from multiple MRI modalities suffers from the inherent differences between the modalities (e.g. contrast mechanism or spatial resolution). A general method to identify pathological brain regions as detected by inherently different MRI modalities was developed. This method enables a thorough assessment of the local abnormal, potentially pathological, state of a tissue in a patient with a certain cerebral disease. A receiver-operating-characteristic (ROC) curve analysis based visualization of abnormal brain regions was implemented in patients with epilepsy using three MRI modalities, namely diffusion and T2 weighted imaging and spectroscopic imaging.