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Abstract #3421

Diffusion-Tensor Imaging of Cerebral Glioma at 3 T MRI: Analysis of Fractional Anisotropy and Mean Diffusivity

Lee H, Na D, Song I, Kim J, Chang K
Department of Radiology, Seoul National University College of Medicine

Although MD values were significantly different between low-and high-grade gliomas, FA values were not significantly different and not useful for differentiating low-grade from high-grade glioma. In high grade gliomas, FA value of enhancing tumor was significantly lower than non-enhancing tumor or peritumoral T2 bright regions, but FA values were not different between non-enhancing tumor and non-enhancing peritumoral T2 bright region. The higher mean MD value of non-enhancing peritumoral T2 bright regions than that of non-enhancing tumor suggests that decrease of FA value may reflect not only white matters disruption by tumor infiltration but also expansion of extracellular space due to vasogenic edema. Therefore, distinction between vasogenic edema and tumor infiltration only by FA value is difficult at 3T DTI.