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Abstract #3422

CASL Perfusion MRI with Non-segmented Low Flip Angle 3D EPI

Talagala S, Chesnick S, Slavin G, Ostuni J
National Institutes of Health

Previous 3D arterial spin labeling (ASL) perfusion studies have used spin-echo trains. Since these sequences can lead to high SAR, we assessed 3D continuous ASL (CASL) using a train of z-phase encoded, low flip angle EPI readouts. A complete 3D data set was acquired following each ASL preparation period. High quality 3D CASL images were obtained using a separate neck labeling coil at 3.5X3.5X4 mm3 resolution in ~5 minutes. 3D and 2D CASL were found to have similar temporal and spatial SNR and perfusion signal. This approach should allow high field, 3D CASL fMRI studies without any sensitivity penalty.