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Abstract #3434

Topographical evaluation of DTI corticospinal tractography and ischemic stroke utilizing spatial normalization

Ito D, Kunimatsu A, Nakata Y, Kunimatsu N, Aoki S, Abe O, Yamada H, Anno I, Minami M, Kabasawa H, Masutani Y
Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo

We aimed to assess feasibility of employing DTI corticospinal tractography combined with spatial normalization in evaluation of corticospinal tract involvement within capsular or pericapsular infarction in relation to motor functional recovery in stroke patients. Corticospinal tractograms obtained from healthy volunteers were overlaid onto isotropic diffusion-weighted images of patients after spatial normalization. The normalized corticospinal tractogram was engulfed by normalized infarction in all patients and the degree of involvement related presence or absence of motor functional recovery (p<0.05).