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Abstract #3435

Measurement of DTI metrics in Hemorrhagic Brain Lesions: Its possible implication in imaging interpretation

Haris M, Gupta R, Husain N, Hasan K, Pal L, Narayana P
Sanjay Gandhi PostGraduate Institute of Medical Sciences

MR evolution of cerebral hemorrhage and hemorrhage within brain tumor has been described in literature. In this study, we report high fractional anisotropy (FA) with low mean diffusivity (MD) in early stage and low FA with increase MD in late stage of hemorrhage. However in case of hemorrhagic tumor, all stages of hemorrhage showed high FA with low MD. We have explained these findings on the basis of structural pattern of red blood cells and fibrin mesh as observed on histopathology. We conclude that the presence of hemorrhage in the tumor may simulate the compressed fiber tracts on diffusion tensor imaging.