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Abstract #3436

Apparent Diffusion Coefficient of Extra- and Intracellular Sodium in Rat Skeletal Muscle: Effects of Prolonged Ischemia

Bansal N, Hekmatyar S, Zhang H, Babsky A
Indiana University

Intra- and extracellular sodium (Na+i and Na+e, respectively) and water apparent diffusion coefficients (ADCs) were monitored in rat skeletal muscle before and during 4h global ischemia using in vivo 23Na and 1H MRS. TmDOTP5- infusion through the jugular vein was used to separate the Na+ signals from the two compartments. [Na+i] increased by 2.5 times 4 hours after the onset of ischemia. Before ischemia, Na+ ADCs in both compartments were similar. However, Na+e ADC decreased 30-40% 2-4 hours after ischemia, while Na+i ADC remained mostly unchanged. Water ADC also remained unchanged after ischemia.