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Abstract #3444

MR Diffusion Tensor Imaging in the Evaluation of Transplantation of Degradable Scaffold Seeded with Neural Stem Cells to Acutely Injured Canine Spinal Cord

Xuemei G, Xiaoying W, Shilei N, Xuexiang J
First Hospital, PeKing University

To observe the effect of transplantation of degradable scaffold seeded with neural stem cells to acutely injured canine spinal cord with DTI. Eighteen canines had spinal cord hemisection. 7 were transplanted with scaffold seeded with neural stem cells, 5 with scaffold only, 5 without transplantation, and 1 without injury. After injury, the ADC values of the injured spinal cord increased and FA values decreased. The ADC and FA values of both side of the spinal cord were significantly different in the control group, but not in the other two groups. So, DTI can provide useful information of spinal cord injury and regeneration in experimental study.