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Abstract #3465

Voxel-Based Morphometry using Diffusion Tensor Imaging to determine the brain regions affected following mild and severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Zhuo J, Shanmuganathan K, Patel R, Gullapalli R, Su X, Rosenkrantz A
University of Maryland Baltimore, University of Maryland Baltimore

DTI has recently shown promises in the evaluation of the TBI patients. In this study, the sensitivity of DTI parameters in differentiating injury conditions was studied along with the regional extent of injury using voxel-based morphometry in comparison with normal controls. Our results suggest that while ADC may be a more sensitive marker for the extent of injury, FA may be more specific in determining the areas that are more severely injured. The pattern of injuries seen here seem to indicate that the more mild injuries start at the periphery of the brain and as the severity of the injury increases the deeper brain structures are involved.