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Abstract #3481

WHOLE-BODY PET-MRI - Co-Registration And Image Fusion In Pattients With Cancer

Domingues R, Domingues R, Carneiro M, da Cruz L, Porto K, Pitanga L, Domingues R

The purpose of our paper is to evaluate the feasibility of fusion functional positron emission tomography (PET) data with anatomical magnetic resonance (MR) images, using highly-quality whole body MRI imaging.Two years ago, high-quality whole body MRI imaging would take 2 hours, and now with the new designs of transmit-receiver coils, easier movement of the imaging table, and new data-acquisition techniques have allowed rapid imaging of the entire body with highly-quality in 20 to 30 minutes.The preliminary results indicate that the described technique has the potential to emerge as an all-encompassing alternative to conventional multimodality tumor staging strategies.