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Abstract #3480

MRI Compared to CT in Whole-Body Slice Area Measurements

Kullberg J, Angelhed J, Lnn L, Brandberg J, Ahlstrm H, Johansson L, Frimmel H, Bergelin E, Strid L
Uppsala University Hospital

A high correlation between MRI and CT area determinations has been demonstrated. Total slice area accuracy, distributed over the whole body, of a gradient echo MRI sequence was studied on 10 subjects using CT as reference. 28 axial CT images were acquired and the corresponding MR images were visually selected from a whole-body scan based on congruence in anatomical structures. Automatic area measurements using intensity thresholds were performed for both modalities. The subject-wise summed slice areas gave the linear relationship MRI=0.938∙CT+919, R=0.998.