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Abstract #3579

Myocardial first pass persusion imaging with integrated parallel acquisition (iPAT): A Comparison of TrueFISP and TurboFlash Sequences

Wintersperger B, Huber A, Dietrich O, Schoenberg S, Reiser M, Theisen D
University of Munich

In the present study, SR-TrueFISP and TurboFLASH sequences with factor 2 partially parallel acquisition (iPAT) using GRAPPA algorithm for image reconstruction were compared with the established, non-accelerated TurboFLASH technique to assess the value of iPAT in myocardial first-pass perfusion imaging. Sequences were compared by means of artifacts, signal-to-noise ratios (SNR), contrast-to-noise ratios (CNR)and semiquantitative perfusion parameters. Saturation recovery TrueFISP technique provided higher signal-to-noise/contrast-to noise ratios and improved image quality in comparison with the spoiled GRE technique. The most reliable semiquantitative perfusion parameters maximum upslope and peak signal intensity showed significantly highest values for TrueFISP images. In addition, the combination with parallel acquisition techniques lead to a significant decrease in number of susceptibilty artifacts in comparison with the established TurboFLASH sequence.