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Abstract #3578

T2* Measurement during First-Pass Contrast Enhanced Cardiac Perfusion Imaging

Kellman P, Aletras A, Arai A, Hsu L, McVeigh E

First-pass contrast enhanced cardiac perfusion imaging will experience T2* effects at peak concentrations of contrast agent. Reduction in signal intensity of the LV blood due to T2* losses may effect estimates of the arterial input function used for quantitative perfusion measurement. Imaging artifacts may also result from T2* losses as well as off-resonance due to the bolus susceptibility.The purpose of this study was to directly measure T2* and B0-field maps in the LV cavity during first-pass perfusion. For single dose (0.1 mmol/kg), the LV blood pool T2* had mean value 9 ms (N=10) at peak enhancement.