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Abstract #3581

Pixel-based and model-free quantification of myocardial perfusion using first-pass dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI

Huang S, Su M, Yu H, Lee B, Tseng W, Wu Y
National Taiwan University Hospital

A model-free approach was proposed in this study, in which myocardial perfusion can be directly quantified based on the initial rise of the signal-time curves in the left ventricular cavity and myocardium. Our approach lies on an assumption that in the early period of the first-pass perfusion Gd-DTPA only flows into but not flows out from the regional myocardium. Therefore, the signal intensity in the regional myocardium M in this period is determined by the signal intensity change of the left ventricle as AIF, denoting V, delayed time Td related to transport of Gd-DTPA from the left ventricle to myocardium, and perfusion rate \.