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Abstract #3582

Improved Spatial Resolution and Reduction of Artifacts in Strain-Maps with Phase-Unwrap HARP

Ryf S, Rutz A, Kozerke S, Boesiger P
University and ETH

Myocardial strain-maps obtained with HARP are often corrupted by visible artifacts, mainly caused by a low CNR of the tagged images. Improving CNR and/or spatial resolution at the cost of temporal resolution is limited for HARP due to wraps in the HARP-phase. In this work, an improved method for peak-combining HARP-images is introduced, yielding half the number of phase-wraps compared to conventional peak-combination HARP. Furthermore, unwrapping HARP-images allows the analysis of datasets with large motion between consecutive time frames. Thus, high quality strain-maps with increased spatial resolution can be generated.