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Abstract #3587

Effieciency and Reproducibility of the Right Ventricular Long Axis MR Imaging Plane for the Evaluation of the Right Ventricle

Whitnah J, Mitsumori L, Branch K, Gill E, Stout K, Maki J
University of Washington

Cardiac MRI is time consuming, requiring multiple scans and significant post-processing time. Right ventriclular (RV) functional analysis using true transaxial planes has been shown to be more reproducible than short axis planes (SAX) in normal individuals, and may require fewer slices and less post-processing time. An oblique right horizontal long axis plane (RHLA) paralleling the inferior wall of the RV optimizes imaging of the RV apex. Functional RV analysis using the RHLA can be completed with fewer slices and in less post-processing time with better reproducibility than the SAX. Surveillance of RV function may be optimized by using these data.