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Abstract #3588

Imaging 2-D myocardial motion and chamber blood flow simultaneously with EGGS SPAMM & SPAMM (Encoded Gradients for Gauging Speed in sinusoidal SPAMM and co-sinusoidal SPAMM acquisitions)

Sampath S, McVeigh E
Laboratory of Cardiac Energetics, Division of Intramural Research, NHLBI, NIH, DHHS

It has been shown that myocardial motion quantification using HARP or DENSE in conjunction with CSPAMM techniques reduce artifacts in the strain maps due to the suppression of interference from the recovering dc peak. In this abstract, we present a new methodvelocity-encoded CSPAMM that encodes 2-D blood velocities simultaneously during CSPAMM acquisitions, providing multi-phase measurements of chamber blood flow velocity patterns in addition to myocardial displacements.