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Abstract #3589

Realtime Imaging of Regional Function of the Heart Using Fast-SENC at 3 Tesla

Pan L, Fahmy A, Weiss R, Spooner A, Osman N, Stuber M
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Fast-SENC imaging has been proposed as a technique that can image regional function of the heart in a single heart beat. In this study, the feasibility to use fast-SENC imaging at 3T has been demonstrated. A fast-SENC imaging sequence with interleaved spiral acquisitions has been implemented on a 3T system to measure the regional function of the heart. The images were acquired both in normal subjects, and post-infarction patients with identified dysfunctional region compared with delayed enhancement imaging. Fast-SENC shows its potential to dynamically detect the onset of ischemia during dobutamine stress test, or image the patients with cardiac arrhythmia.