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Abstract #3593

Rapid Assessment of Cardiac Function Using 2D CINE SSFP in Conjunction with k-t BLAST and k-t SENSE

Bunke J, Kouwenhoven M, Kuehl H, Niendorf T, Katoh M, Grawe H, Guenther R
Philips Medical Systems

The feasibility of accelerated 2D CINE SSFP imaging for global LV function assessment is demonstrated. High accelerations are used to support the extended slice coverage. To avoid prohibitive noise amplification due to coil sensitivity encoding, spatio-temporal correlations are exploited using the k-t BLAST and k-t SENSE approach. The accelerated 2D imaging paradigm presented here holds the promise to extend the capabilities of clinical breath-hold CINE imaging from a single slice to multiple slices per breath-hold though myocardial border sharpness remains a challenge as very large accelerations are explored.