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Abstract #3595

Experiment and Simulation-based Optimization of Blood-Myocardium CNR in Cardiac SSFP Imaging

Kim Y, Sung K, Nayak K, Pohost G
University of Southern California

Cardiac SSFP provides high SNR and excellent blood-myocardium contrast. Prescribed flip-angles are chosen based on simulations that assume on-resonance, achieving the prescribed flip-angles, and ideal slice profiles. We measure SNR and CNR in 3T cardiac SSFP scans using product sequences. SNR and CNR measurements are compared with simulations that include measured off-resonance, measured flip angle variations, and actual slice profiles. The greatest discrepancy between detailed and conventional simulation was the use of actual flip angles. We recommend using a localized pre-scan to calibrate the flip angles in regions of interest so that the prescribed flip angle can be set appropriately.