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Abstract #3611

High-resolution CSPAMM rat heart tagging on a 1.5T clinical MR system

Ivancevic M, Daire J, Hyacinthe J, Crelier G, Kozerke S, Montet-Abou K, Morel D, Vallee J, Tatar I
Geneva University Hospital

MRI cardiac tagging allows regional myocardial strain quantification with the possibility of transmural resolution. There is an increasing need to quantify myocardial contraction at a subendocardial scale in small rodents, which have acquired a central role in studying mechanisms of cardiovascular disease in recent years. However, tag imaging of small animals has significant challenges. It has only been performed on high field (>4T) research-dedicated MR systems. Feasibility of MR-tagging at 1.5T on an occlusion-reperfusion model in rat heart with transmural resolution is shown in this study.