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Abstract #3614

Investigation of Cardiac Function in Insulin Resistant Rats Using Triggered Cine MRI

Ma L, Hoffman T, Stump C, Sowers J, Resch Z, Cooper S, Govindarajan G
University Of Missouri-columbia and Harry S.Truman VA Hospital

Insulin resistant conditions such as diabetes and the metabolic syndrome are associated with a cardiac dysfunction and remodeling. These maladaptive changes in diabetics are also known as diabetic cardiomyopathy. These changes include cardiac hypertrophy, and diastolic and systolic dysfunction.Cine cardiac MRI can be used to detect and quantify these changes in LV anatomy and function in these insulin resistant Rats. This Non-invasive study to measure the anatomic and physiological changes in heart in insulin resistant rodent models may provide us a powerful tool to study the cardiac functions longitudinally in a controlled setting.