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Abstract #3615

Imaging of Myocardial Edema and Function at High Resolution with T2-meta-DENSE: The hypokinetic zone corresponds to the area of edema

Tilak G, Arai A, Aletras A

T2-meta-DENSE is a new method that can acquire T2-weighted images (TE=60 ms) and DENSE displacement maps in end-systolic images. Phase images from the images with TE of 6.5ms yielded strain maps. The images are inherently registered on a pixel-by-pixel basis allowing comparisons of myocardial edema and function following myocardial infarction at high spatial resolution. Black-blood contrast is due to intravoxel dephasing in the blood pool. Six dogs were studied 2 days after transient coronary occlusion. Good correlation (R=0.97) was found between the size of the hypokinetic and the edematous zones.