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Abstract #3616

Characterization of 3D Myocardial Wall Motion in the Mouse with MR Tagging

Zhong J, Liu W, Yu X
Case Western Reserve University

Mouse models are playing an important role in the investigation of human cardiac diseases. The development of rapid, noninvasive methods for characterizing ventricular motion in these animals can provide new opportunities to elucidate molecular mechanisms of myocardial function. We developed a novel 3D strain analysis method combining HARP and homogeneous strain analysis. The present method also allows direct validation of 2D strain calculation. Segmented radial, circumferential, and longitudinal strains were quantified in 2-month-old C57/BL6 mice (n=6). Large peak strains were observed in the anterior-lateral wall. We also found a high correlation in radial and circumferential strains between 3D and 2D quantification.