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Abstract #3617

Feasibility of C-SPAMM rat heart tagging after manganese injection

Hyacinthe J, Ivancevic M, Daire J, Valle J
Geneva University Hospital

Manganese Enhanced Magnetic Resonance (MEMR) is used to depict the myocardial area at risk in models of coronary occlusion-reperfusion. In such models, MR tagging allows the evaluation of myocardial motion defects during the stunning phase. However, the relaxation effects of manganese may affect tag fading and hence the quality of strain measurement. Imaging 6 rat hearts (CSPAMM at 1.5 T and HARP analysis), we show a contrast to noise ratio increase and no differences in circumferential strain measurements after MnCl2 injection. Thus, MR tagging could be used in combination with MEMR to study the acute phase of coronary artery disease.