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Abstract #3625

T1-Weighted Perfusion Studies using a Hollow Fiber Cartridge Perfusion Phantom: A preliminary Study to Simulate Clinical Data from the Knees of Children with JRA

Workie D, Dardzinski B, Dunn R
UCI Medical Center

Quantitative (DCE-MRI) has been shown to be a useful technique to investigate disease activity in different organ systems. In this study a hollow fiber cartridge (HFC) perfusion phantom that simulates capillary perfusion from DCE-MRI protocols is presented. The phantom was able to mimic signal enhancements from the synovium and physes of knees of children with JRA. Therefore, the HFC perfusion phantom can be used as a tool to investigate the permeability of capillary membranes based on pharmacokinetic modeling and predict the feasibility of quantitative methods to monitor disease activity in JRA.