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Abstract #3639

Efficacy of detection of significant carotid artery stenosis with TREAT imaging at 1.5T and 3.0T

Michaely H, Nael K, Reiser M, Schoenberg S, Bauner K, Kramer H
University of Munich

The efficacy of time-resolved echo-shared angiographic technique (TREAT) in the detection of carotid artery stenosis (CAS) is investigated. After 10ml injection of contrast agent TREAT imaging was started. A temporal resolution of 2.3sec/3D-Volume or 1.2sec/3D-Volume was achieved. 40 patients were examined (30/10 1.5T/3.0T). Differences in contrast agent arrival were analyzed on an offline workstation.12/15 patients with CAS > 75% revealed a flow delay while only 3/14 patients with CAS < 75% and no patient without CAS had a delayed flow.The detection of a delayed flow in TREAT is highly indicative of a significant CAS.