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Abstract #3640

Diagnosis of Subclavian Steal Syndrome using a Novel Time-Resolved Magnetic Resonance Angiographic Technique

Carroll T, Cashen T, Walker M, Dill K, Carr J, Virmani R
Northwestern University Medical School

The purpose of our study was to diagnose subclavian steal syndrome using a novel time-resolved 3D CE-MRA technique using combination of two complimentary undersampling techniques: TREAT(Time-Resolved Echo sharing Angiographic Technique) with GRAPPA (SENSE based parallel imaging technique). This technique demonstrates the anatomy of cervicothoracic vessels in a fast, noninvasive way and also quantifies clearly the amount and direction of blood flow-through vessels of small caliber and thus provides dynamic information, inherent in DSA exams. This technique can be considered as a valuable substitute for invasive techniques like DSA and may also be used to plan interventions at the same time.