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Abstract #3642

A Comparison of Static and Dynamic 3D Magnetic Resonance Angiography for the Diagnosis of Infrapopliteal Disease in Patients using TREAT and iPAT

Diniz L, Dill K, Carr J, Carroll T, Omary R, Virmani R
Northwestern University

We compared high resolution CE-MRA, using a novel time resolved MRA pulse sequence TREAT and iPAT, with conventional static CE-MRA for the assessment of infrapopliteal peripheral vascular disease. Time resolved MRA using TREAT and iPAT produced detailed images of the infrapopliteal arteries with temporal resolution of 5 seconds per frame. Images from time resolved MRA exams included clinically relevant information that can alter diagnosis. Change in diagnosis was due to asymmetric flow, slow flow, and reconstitution of distal runoff vessels on delayed frames, thus identifying a target vessel for surgery, which may result in significant changes in clinical management.