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Abstract #3654

Trajectory Optimization in k-t GRAPPA

Yan R, Huang F, Saylor C, Akao J, Cheng H, Duensing R
University of Florida, Invivo Corporation

Dynamic imaging in MRI incorporates temporal correlation between frames. Several reconstruction methods have been proposed to exploit temporal correlation, e.g., UNFOLD, TSENSE, k-t BLAST and k-t SENSE and k-t GRAPPA. The further choice of sampling pattern in k-t space affects SNR, unwrapping artifact, and temporal resolution. Tsao J. et al. give the optimal sampling patterns for k-t BLAST and k-t SENSE by qualitatively analyzing the point spread function (PSF) in x-f space. This paper focuses on the optimization strategy applied to k-t GRAPPA and conjectures a quantitative criterion for trajectory optimization.