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Abstract #0119

Clinical Liver MRI at 3.0 Tesla Using Parallel RF Transmission with Patient-Adaptive B1 Shimming

Guido Matthias Kukuk1, Jrgen Gieseke1,2, Michael Nelles1, Roy Knig1, Magnus Andersson1, Eugen Muschler1, Petra Mrtz1, Jeroen Stout2, Marco Nijenhuis2, Frank Trber1, Nuschin Morakkabati-Spitz1, Daniel Thomas1, Christiane Katharina Kuhl1, Hans Heinz Schild1, Winfried Albert Willinek1

1Department of Radiology, University of Bonn, Bonn, NRW, Germany; 2Philips Healthcare, Best, Netherlands

The clinical implementation of high field MRI systems has introduced new challenges for body imaging with respect to B1 field non-uniformities, generation of standing waves and signal loss particularly in abdominal imaging. To achieve a more homogeneous excitation we evaluated patient-adaptive RF shimming using parallel RF transmission for liver imaging in 22 patients at 3.0 Tesla. Our data demonstrate a significant improvement of image quality and lesion conspicuity in T2-TSE sequences and DWI.