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Abstract #0120

Resting State FMRI of Retinotopically Defined Sub-Regions in Human Visual Cortex

Egbert J. W. Bleeker1,2, Hubert Fonteijn1,3, Elena Shumskaya1, Jens Schwarzbach1,4, David G. Norris1,5

1Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, Radboud University Nijmegen, Nijmegen, Netherlands; 2Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, Netherlands; 3University College , London, UK; 4Centre for Mind/Brain Science, Trento, Italy; 5Erwin L Hahn Institute for MRI, Essen, Germany

This study examines the uniqueness of resting state connections between sub-regions of the human visual cortex. The sub-regions are defined using retinotopic mapping: eccentricity for central and peripheral regions; polar mapping for the main visual regions, and also to subdivide these into octants. Connectivity between sub-regions is evaluated using the partial correlation coefficients. Central to central and peripheral to peripheral connections are strong, but central to peripheral connections weaker. Octants generally show significant connections to either the same octant in a hierarchically adjacent or homologous area, or to a different octant in the same retinotopic region.