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Abstract #0151

Myelin Mapping in Living Mice Using Magnetization Transfer and Manganese

Takashi Watanabe1, Jens Frahm1, Thomas Michaelis1

1Max-Planck-Institut fr biophysikalische Chemie, Gttingen, Germany

This work demonstrates for the first time the use of manganese for mapping myelin-rich structures in the brain of living mice in magnetization-transfer weighted MRI (3D FLASH). The contrast between myelin-rich structures and background was improved after manganese injection. A reduced saturation of mobile protons was pronouncedly seen in the water-rich background, while the marked saturation in myelin-rich structures through magnetization transfer from the large pool of bound protons was less affected. Administration of hydrophilic T1-shortening agents to neural tissue fluid in vivo increases the signal intensity of the brain advantageously for a magnetization-transfer based mapping of myelin-rich structures.