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Abstract #0206

Quantification of Abdominal Fat Accumulation During Hyperalimentation Using MRI

Olof Dahlqvist Leinhard1,2, Andreas Johansson1, Joakim Rydell1, Johan Kihlberg2, rjan Smedby1,2, Fredrik H. Nystrm1, Peter Lundberg1,2, Magnus Borga1,2

1Linkping University, Linkping, Sweden; 2Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV), Linkping University, Linkping, Sweden

The abdominal fat content was quantified using in- and out-of-phase imaging after phase sensitive reconstruction and an initial intensity correction procedure. Classification of all tissue as subcutaneous, intraabdominal or retroperitoneal was performed using a novel completely automatic segmentation procedure. This technique was used to determine intraabdominal fat before and after a two-fold increase in daily caloric intake. A significantly lower increase of intraabdominal fat tissue was observed in women than in men. The study highlighted the suitability of MR for accurate and user independent investigation of the compartmentalization of fat deposits in the body.