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Abstract #0225

MR Imaging of an Arachidonic Acid-Induced Mouse Model of Thrombosis Using an Activated Platelets-Targeted Paramagnetic Contrast Agent.

Ahmed Klink1,2, Eric Lancelot3, Sbastien Ballet3, Walter Gonzalez3, Christelle Medina3, Claire Corot3, Jean-Etienne Fabre4, Willem J.M Mulder1, Ziad Mallat2, Zahi A. Fayad1

1Translational and Molecular Imaging Institute, Mount Sinai School Of Medicine, New York, NY, USA; 2INSERM U689, Paris, France; 3Research Division, Guerbet, France; 4Atherothrombosis Laboratory, Institut de Gntique et de Biologie Molculaire et Cellulaire, Strasbourg, France

P975 is a paramagnetic MRI based contrast agent with specificity for activated platelets via a peptide that binds to the glycoprotein GPIIb/IIIa. This agent was used in an arachidonic acid-induced mouse model of thrombosis to visualize thrombi formation and monitor thrombogenic activity.