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Abstract #0251

Young Investigator Award Finalist: B0 and B1 Correction Using the Inherent Degrees of Freedom of a Multi-Channel Transmit Array

Jeremiah Aaron Heilman1, Jamal J. Derakhshan1, Matthew J. Riffe1, Natalia Gudino1, Jean Tkach1, Christopher A. Flask1, Jeffrey L. Duerk1, Mark A. Griswold1

1Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA

We present methods that capitalize on the inherent degrees of freedom in a mutli-channel transmission array to correct the effects of B0 and B1 variations within the context standard slice selective and chemically selective pulses. A new method called Parallel excitAtion for B-field insensitive fat Saturation preparaTion (PABST) utilizes the frequency and amplitude freedom to improve uniformity and efficacy of CHESS pulse fat saturation in the presence of off-resonance without increasing the length of the pulse or requiring iterative optimization. A similar technique, utilizing phase and amplitude freedoms to tailor the axis of rotation across the FOV, can correct for off-resonance effects in TrueFISP and potentially eliminate banding.