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Abstract #0301

Optimized Signal Intensity and T1r Based NMR Thermometry for Ultra-High Field RF Safety Applications

Devashish Shrivastava1, Timo Liimatainen1, Ute Goerke1, Jeramy Kulesa1, Timothy Hanson1, Shalom Michaeli1, J. Thomas Vaughan1

1CMRR, Radiology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Good linear correlations were obtained between the core temperatures, and the 'optimized' signal intensities and the longitudinal magnetization relaxation rate constants in the rotating frame (i.e., T1r) in an in vivo porcine brain at 3 tesla (T). The correlations were obtained to measure RF heating induced temperatures with sub-degree Celsius accuracy in porcine brains at ultra-high fields.