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Abstract #0302

Real-Time Global and Local SAR Monitoring for Parallel Transmission Systems

Ingmar Graesslin1, Sven Biederer2, Bjoern Annighoefer3, Hanno Homann1, Henry Stahl1, Peter Vernickel1, Ulrich Katscher1, Dennis Glaesel4, Paul Harvey5

1Philips Research Europe, Hamburg, Germany; 2University of Lbeck, Lbeck, Germany; 3TU Hamburg-Harburg, Hamburg, Germany; 4Research Establishment for Applied Science, Wachtberg, Germany; 5Philips Healthcare, Best, Netherlands

A comprehensive RF safety concept for parallel transmission MRI systems can be realized by verifying the SAR limits before scanning and monitoring RF signals during scanning. However, using a pre-calculated safety margin over-estimates the actual SAR. This abstract extends the concept of pre-calculated safety margins with a real-time global and local SAR monitoring system. This new concept allows for a significantly increased permissible RF duty cycle and improves the detection of violations of SAR limits or any unsafe condition. The impact of patient motion on SAR is analyzed, and a scan termination in case of unsafe system operation is demonstrated.