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Abstract #0423

Non Contrast MRA of the Hand in Patients with Raynauds Disease Using Flow Sensitized Dephasing Prepared SSFP

John J. Sheehan1, Zhaoyang Fan2, James C. Carr1,2, Debiao Li2

1Cardiovascular Imaging, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL, USA; 2Cardiovascular Imaging, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, USA

This study assessed the diagnostic quality and accuracy of a flow-sensitized dephasing (FSD)-prepared SSFP MRA in patients with Raynauds disease. The FSD method acquires a bright-artery scan using ECG-triggered SSFP and a dark-artery scan using ECG-triggered, FSD-prepared SSFP. Subtraction of the two results in bright arteries. Comparison revealed better quality grades for the FSD NC-MRA compared to contrast MRA . FSD identified 95% of luminal narrowings and all arterial occlusions. FSD of the hand in patients with Raynauds compares favorably with contrast enhanced MRA demonstrating in many cases improved resolution and visualization of normal and vasospastic vessels.