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Abstract #0438

Live Brain MRI Detection of Glia Activation by Psychostimulant Exposure

Christina H. Liu1, Jia Q. Ren, Pradeep G. Bhide2, Philip K. Liu3

1Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Charlestown, MA, USA; 2Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA; 3Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

Electrophysiological data from cell cultures or brain slice preparations show that an important component of drug abuse is the interaction that occurs between glia and neurons. While most addiction research has focused on the molecular adaptation of neurons, our understanding in glial response to psychostimulants at the transcriptional level is very limited. Here we report an MR imaging technique that allows us to identify vulnerable brain regions to glia activation after acute or chronic exposure to amphetamine in live animals. This technique will facilitate and broaden our understanding on molecular processes at transcription level that attribute to drug addiction.