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Abstract #0470

Effect of Suppression of Free Fatty Acids on ATP Turnover and Inorganic Phosphate Uptake in Type 2 Diabetes Studied by 31P-MRS During an Isoglycaemic-Hyperinsulinaemic Clamp

Kieren Grant Hollingsworth1, Ee Lin Lim1, Mei Jun Chen1, Jean Gerrard1, Roy Taylor1

1Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre, Newcastle University, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, UK

7 patients (age 56.74.3) with well-controlled Type 2 diabetes were brought in fasted on two separate study days and given (i) acipimox and (ii) a placebo tablet. Saturation transfer between ATP and Pi was used to measure ATP turnover 3 hours and just before a 120 minute isoglycaemic-hyperinsulinaemic clamp. Further measurements were made 20 minutes and 90 minutes into the clamp. Acipimox suppressed free fatty acids rapidly. The ATP flux at 90 minutes on the acipimox study day was significantly greater than with placebo. The percentage increase in inorganic phosphate was significantly greater at 90 minutes with acipimox.