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Abstract #0553

Dynamic 31P MRS of Exercising Human Muscle in a 7T Whole Body System, with STEAM and Semi-LASER Localisation

Martin Meyerspeer1,2, Thomas Mandl1,2, Tom Scheenen3, Ewald Moser1,2

1Center for Biomedical Technology and Physics, Vienna Medical University, Vienna, Austria; 2High Field MR Centre of Excellence, Vienna Medical University, Vienna, Austria; 3Radiology (667), Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, Netherlands

We demonstrate that localised 31P MRS can be used to follow metabolic changes with high temporal resolution and, by selecting a single muscle, high specificity in a 7T whole body scanner. The SNR benefit of the high field strength can be exploited, as localised high order shimming yielded line widths comparable to previous results at 3T, even during and after tissue motion under exercise. In consequence, PCr recovery curves were successfully fitted to non-averaged single acquisitions (TR=8s) of spectra localised in a single exercising muscle, yielding consistent results. Application of adiabatic 31P-semi-LASER further increased SNR in comparison with 31P-STEAM.