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Abstract #0610

Performance of Hyperpolarized 1,4-13C2 Fumarate in a Murine Lymphoma Model in Vivo, a New Diagnostic Agent for Oncology

Pernille Rose Jensen1, Rene in 't Zandt1, Magnus Karlsson1, Anna Gisselsson1, Georg Hansson1, Mathilde Hauge Lerche1

1Imagnia AB, Malm, Sweden

We have developed hyperpolarized 1,4-13C2 fumarate as a new promising metabolic marker for oncology. Metabolic parameters like up-take and conversion significantly influences imaging parameters like timing and concentration. Here we show a comparison between two substrates, hyperpolarized 1-13C pyruvate, which previously has been shown to be an oncology marker1, and the new agent, 1,4-13C2 fumarate. In a mouse EL-4 lymphoma model, the optimal timing and concentration are determined after which the SNR and contrast for the two substrates in the metabolic images are evaluated and compared.