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Abstract #0625

White Matter Cerebrovascular Reactivity Measured with Pseudo-Continuous Arterial Spin Labeling at 3T

Reinoud Pieter Harmen Bokkers1, M J P van Osch2, Willem P. Mali1, Jeroen Hendrikse1

1Department of Radiology, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Department of Radiology, LUMC, Leiden, Netherlands

The aim of this study was to study the ability of arterial spin labeling to assess cerebrovascular reactivity in the white matter after intravenous administration of acetazolamide using a pseudo-continuous ASL technique with background suppression. Herein, we found a significant increase in CBF in the white matter after injection of acetazolamide that corresponds with the increase in CBF of the gray matter. Knowledge of white matter autoregulative status may provide important understanding in the aetiology and pathogenesis white matter disease.