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Abstract #0658

Quantifying the Vascular Profile of a Tumor by 3D Euclidean Distance Maps

Meiyappan Solaiyappan1, Deepak Dinakaran2, Yoshinori Kato1, Dmitri Artemov1

1Department of Radiology, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, MD, USA; 2Department of Biological Sciences, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A practical quantification method for the analysis of the vascular data will benefit MRA studies that focus on tumor vasculature for the purpose of understanding the effects of treatment. We show that the distribution of 3D Euclidean distance from each voxel within the vascularized regions of the tumor to their nearest vessel boundary can provide a useful quantification measure to monitor the changes in the tumor vasculature following treatment. Such an approach represents an objective way of monitoring the changes in the vasculature based on the changes in the distribution of the vascularized region with respect to the vessel branches.