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Abstract #0720

Robust Quantification of Contrast Agent Concentration with Magnetic Field Correlation Imaging

Vishal Patil1, Glyn Johnson1, Jens H. Jensen1

1Radiology, NYU School of Medicine, New York, USA

Estimation of gadolinium concentration, [Gd], is the essential first step in the measurement of a number of different parameters by contrast enhanced perfusion MRI. Generally, [Gd] is estimated assuming a linear relationship between relaxation rate and concentration. However, it is known that this assumption is false in tissue. Magnetic Field Correlation (MFC) depends quadratically on [Gd] to a very good approximation and may therefore be a more accurate means of estimating concentration. The purpose of this study is to compare the accuracy of [Gd] measurement using MFC and relaxivity rates in yeast phantoms.