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Abstract #0721

The Effects of Equilibrium Intercompartmental Water Exchange Kinetics on MRI Estimation of Tissue Concentration of Contrast Agents

Ramesh Paudyal1,2, Hassan Bagher-Ebadian1,2, Tavarekere Nagaraja3, Swayam Panda2, Joseph D. Fenstermacher3, James R. Ewing1,2

1Physics, Oakland University, Rochester, MI, USA; 2Neurology, Henry Ford Health Systems, Detroit, MI, USA; 3Anesthesiology, Henry Ford Health Systems, Detroit, MI, USA

This study address the effects of equilibrium intercompartmental water exchange kinetics on the tissue water protons relaxation rate utilizing the Look-Locker pulse sequence for the Bloch McConnell equation of a three site two exchange [3S2X] model, in which paramagnetic relaxation agents (CA) are restricted only to certain compartment. The relationship between the tissue water relaxation rate R1 versus the tissue concentration of CA is examined by using both modeling and experimental methods.