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Abstract #0763

3D Undersampled Golden-Radial Phase Encoding Using Iterative Reconstructions and Inherent Regularization

Claudia Prieto1, Sergio Uribe1, Philip Batchelor1, Pablo Irarrazaval2, Reza Razavi1, David Atkinson3, Tobias Schaeffter1

1Division of Imaging Sciences, King's College London, London, UK; 2Departamento de Ingenieria Electrica, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago, Chile; 3Centre for Medical Imaging Computing, University College of London, London, UK

Iterative SENSE reconstruction for non-Cartesian undersampling leaves residual aliasing and produces noise amplification because the ill-conditioned nature of the inverse problem. We proposed a new undersampled dynamic acquisition and reconstruction method for 3D DCE-MRI. It combines a 3D radial phase-encoding trajectory with the golden angle profile order, providing explicit regularization for iterative reconstructions. This approach takes advantage of the trajectory's properties to generate a regularization image. Moreover, since the acquisition is based on the golden angle, the regularization can be changed adaptively for each frame. The method was tested with synthetic phantoms and in-vivo showing excellent results with undersampling factors up to 49.