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Abstract #0764

Automatic Design of Radial Trajectories for Parallel MRI and Anisotropic Fields-Of-View

Alexey A. Samsonov1

1Radiology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, USA

In recent years, non-Cartesian k-space trajectories have gained increased attention owing to a number of unique properties. Challenges of non-Cartesian imaging include the lack of methods to optimize their performance for anisotropic Fields-of-View (FOV) arising from slab-selective excitation and anatomy, and to maximize parallel imaging performance for a given coil array. We developed a new fast approach to the design of non-Cartesian trajectories. As an example, we applied the developed theory to optimize radial trajectories. The new method has demonstrated ability to reduce level of noise and undersampling artifacts in simulated and real data studies.